14 International Biennal of Theatre Poster – 2013

14 biennnale

14 International Biennal of Theatre Poster – 2013

14 International Biennial of Theatre Poster 2013 aims at showcasing posters created from 2011 to 2013, and designed to promote theatre and opera performances or related events. The Biennial exhibition will be held in December 2013 in the Gallery of Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów, Poland. It will also be displayed in the Gallery of the Polish Home in Vilnius, Lithuania (March 2014).

1. The Biennial is organized by Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów.

2. The Biennial is open to visual artists, graduates of schools of fine arts, theaters and artistic institutions.

3. Each participant shall send his/her entry (each poster should be provided with a label attached at the back), by 29 Oct. 2013, to the following address:
Teatr im. Wandy Siemaszkowej
ul. Sokoła 7,
35-010 Rzeszów

4. Digital versions of the posters should be sent to: biennale.rzeszow@gmail.com or on a CD attached to the posters (A4 size, 300 dpi, JPEG, CMYK).
The digital files should be labelled with the author’s name and the title/the first word of the title of the poster, e.g.: Last name_First name_Title

5. In the clearly filled in entry form the author of the poster(s) shall declare he/she has read the rules, and will confirm that the enclosed posters listed in the entry form are their own work, and will grant free-of-charge use of his/her work(s) in publications connected with 14 Biennial of Theatre Poster in Rzeszów.

6. Each author may send one copy of any number of works created in 2011–2013, in a digital form or published in print.

7. The minimum size of the works is 50×70 cm. The posters shall not be pasted up and framed.

8. The cost of shipping is covered by the authors. The posters should be carefully packed for shipping and the organizers may not be held liable for any transport related damage.
The package should contain a label saying NON COMMERCIAL VALUE.

9. Posters shall be selected for the competition by the Qualifying Jury. Awards and distinctions shall be granted by International Jury consisting of: Karel Mišek (the Czech Republic), Stephan Bundi (Switzerland), Alain Le Quernec (France) and Krzysztof Motyka (Poland).

10. The list of participants whose works will by qualified for the exhibition shall be announced at the Theatre’s website on 15 Nov. 2013, after the meeting of the Qualifying Jury.

11. The Jury will award authors of the most outstanding posters with the following prizes:
The First Prize amounting to 4000 PLN, funded by the Marshal of the Carpathian,
The Second Prize amounting to 1500 PLN, funded by the organizer,
The Third Prize amounting to 1000 PLN, funded by the President of the City of Rzeszów.
The winners will be informed about the prizes by mail.

12. The Jury’s verdict will be announced and the prizes will be handed during the exhibition opening ceremony (15 November 2013).

13. A Catalogue will be published on the occasion of 14 International Biennial of Theatre Poster in Rzeszów. The prize winners and authors of posters qualified for the exhibition will receive 1 free copy of the catalogue and diploma confirming their participation in the Biennial.

14. By sending posters to 14 Biennial of Theatre Poster in Rzeszów those entering their works confirm they accept the terms and conditions contained herein.

15. The organizers do not return works entered to the Biennial.
Curator of the Exhibition
Krzysztof Motyka