International Festival TRANS / MISSIONS - EAST OF ART on August 22-25 in Rzeszów

The Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów invites you to another international artistic event. Last year's International Festival of Arts TRANS / MISSIONS Rzeszów – Košice – Ostrava – Debrecen – Lviv-Trakai enjoyed great interest of Rzeszów audience and visitors. The International Festival TRANS / MISSIONS - EAST OF ART Rzeszów-Batumi-Odessa-Vilnius, which will start on August 22 this year, is therefore another response of the Rzeszów scene to the needs of the inhabitants of Podkarpacie and tourists visiting provincial capital on holiday.

The originator of the Festival - the director of the Theatre, Jan Nowara - this time has invited foreign partners from Georgia (Ilia Chavchavadi Dramatic Theatre in Batumi), Ukraine (Odessa Ukrainian Academic Music and Drama Theatre of Vasyl S. Wasylka in Odessa) and Lithuania (Dramatic Theatre "Na Pohulance" in Vilnius). Artists from these countries will come to Rzeszów to connect art and people. Again, the context of the borderland, both geographical and cultural, is crucial for everyone. The innovative character of the Festival for partners is to become a source of mutual inspiration and an opportunity to exchange ideas. The audience will have the chance to experience art and learn about different but intermingling cultures.

During MF TRANS / MISSIONS - EAST OF ART, you will be able to see mainly performances from the repertoire of theatres of the cultural four-sided countries. The Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre will perform musical performances - "When I was a little boy" directed by Tomasz Man about the beginnings of Tadeusz Nalepa's career staged by the actors: Małgorzata Pruchnik-Chołka, Michał Chołka, Marcin Marc and Paweł Leniart (drums). There will also be a premiere. In the performance "We want more" directed by Jan Nowara, we will hear the greatest hits of the Polish music scene in excellent acting and choreography full of sophistication and sense of humor. On stage, actors of the Rzeszów Theatre: Dagny Cipora, Mariola Łabno-Flaumenhaft, Michał Chołka and Robert Żurek.

Theatre from Georgian Batumi will present a performance based on  Sławomir Mrożek's  play "Syndrome, or  to whom do you sing?" directed by Andro Enukidze, as critics judge it, a performance with fantastic cast and suggestive set design, that tells in an interesting and entertaining way a sad and still current story referring to political life.

Two performances from the repertoire of guests from Ukraine are "She loved him" directed by the Distinguished Artist of Ukraine Stasa Zhirkov and "Beautiful cuckold".  Both will introduce the audience to the world of crazy, overwhelming interpersonal relations and are intended for adult viewers only.

The theatre from Vilnius will perform the play "A lonely human voice" directed by Vladimir Dorondov was based on the popular book by the Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Aleksijewicz "Chernobyl prayer. Chronicle of the future" directed by Ivan Urywski.

There will be plenty of accompanying events. The rich program of the Festival also includes concerts by the Odessa Chamber Orchestra of the Ukrainian Academic Musical and Dramatic Theatre named after Vasily S. Wasylki in Odessa, a Georgian folk group, Jewish songs, Vitold Rek & the Spark "Lem. Musical Spheres” dedicated to the memory of Rafał Potocki, a journalist from the Polish Radio Rzeszów and a concert by Andrej Polevikov, a Lithuanian artist performing jazz-folk music. There will also be exhibitions of photography and contemporary theatre posters, film screenings and an extraordinary outdoor performance "Rabbi Maharal and Golem" directed by Lech Raczak.
All events will take place in Rzeszów.

The International Festival  TRANS / MISSIONS - EAST OF ART Rzeszów-Batumi-Odessa-Vilnius is accomplished  thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Local Government of the Podkarpackie  Voivodeship and the City of Rzeszów Commune.