Father Andrij Duda - an army chaplain,
priest in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in  Kiev Patriarchate in Lviv

He deals with the problems of soldiers.  During the Revolution of Dignity he went to help and support  people at  the difficult time. He also went to Donbas to serve as a chaplain. Together with the employees of  Lviv House of Army Officers, with volunteers, artists and indifferent citizens he helps soldiers, organizes concerts for them, creates and implements projects for   ex-military men.

Bohdan Rewkiewicz - theatre director and actor

He graduated from the departments of drama and directing at Lviv National University. His stagings  have been presented and praised at many festivals.  He was awarded for ‘Nameless Star’, his directorial debut at Tarnopol Theatre Nights in 2007; for ‘Two days ...Two nights‘ in 2009 during the 7th edition of the theatre festival ‘ Premiere of the 2009 ’in Ivano-Frankiwsk; in 2013 for the play ‘ Kateryna’ at the second  Festival for Young Directors.  Among others  he directed ‘ Nameless Star’, ‘Pollyanna’ and ‘Two days … Two nights’ in the Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Maria Zankovetska  in Lviv.



Peter Palik- playwright, director, actor

In 2003 he graduated in resocialization from Matej  Bel  University in Banska Bystrica . Later  he was accepted at the Theatre Faculty at VSMU (the Academy  of Performing Arts)  in Bratislava, where he studied directing and playwrighting at the  Puppetry Department.As a playwright and director he works with numerous theaters in Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Hungary. He cooperates with Slovakian radio and television. Despite his intense work as a director and author, he lectures at the  Puppetry Department at the Theatre Faculty, where in 2017, having completed the post doctoral degree he was awarded the degree of docent. He has also received numerous awards at home and abroad.

Lech Raczak- director,
dramaturgist, theatre  scripts  writer, theatrologist

He cofounded the Eighth Day Theatre (Teatr Dnia Ósmego) in 1964.  In the 70s, and the 80s he was the artistic manager and director of all performances of the group. In 1995-98 he was the artistic director of Teatr Polski Theatre in Poznań. From 1993 to 2012 he was also the artistic director of  the International Theatre Festival Malta in Poznań. Since 2003 he has lectured at the University of the Arts in Poznań. As a director he has cooperated with independent groups in Poland (Sekta, Asocjacja 2006, performances for Centrum Kultury Zamek, Malta Festival) and in Italy (Basho from Modena, Arca from Katania). He has directed at drama theatres among others at Teatr Polski Theatre in Poznań ; A. Fredro Theatre, Gniezno; Teatr Studio Theatre , Warsaw; Teatr Miniatura Theatre, Gdańsk; Wrocław Contemporary Theatre and H. Modrzejewska Theatre, Legnica with which he currently feels closely connected. Since 2014 he has been running a training programme and giving a series of performances at Orbis Tertius Foundation, Poznań. In total he has directed over 70 performances and  he has written the scripts for most of them. He is the author of texts for theatre studies which have been published in Poland and abroad. In 2012 his three- volume edition of theatre studies texts Pisma teatralne was published.

Marta Bury
- actress, dancer, choreographer, sociologist

She has prepared over forty theatre choreographies including ‘Salome’ by O. Wilde directed by O. Żiugżdy at Maska Theatre in Rzeszów; ‘Three Sisters’ by A. Chekhov directed by M. Miklasz in W. Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów; ‘Iwona, księżniczka Burgunda’ by W. Gombrowicz  directed by M. Miklasz at Teatr Nowy Theatre, Poznań; ‘Odys, wracaj do domu’ by M. Bartnikowski directed by Marcin Bikowski at AT in Białystok;  as well as ‘Edyp’, ‘Okamgnienie’, ‘Kołysanka’, ’Wyprawa na żmirłacza’, ‘Ogrody przyjemności’- all for Theatre.

She has been awarded for choreographies for plays ‘Kołysanka’ (2004), ’Duszno’ (2007), ‘Łagodna’ (2016) and for  theatre parts at theatre festivals in Poland and abroad. She has also been awarded by the Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship for significant artistic achievements, and by the President of the Town of Rzeszów, and by the Ministry of Culture and National Heredity. She is a member of  Pełna kultura  Association of Artistic Initiatives,  in Rzeszów,   with which she has staged the following plays: ‘Bobok’(2012), ‘Macondo’ (2010) and  ‘Sisters’ (2011).

Martyna Łyko
- theatre  and opera director

She is a scholarship holder of Burgundy Local Council. She has studied at universities in Lille, Nafplio and London. She has completed the directing course staging the ‘No exit’ opera  in 2012. Something like love ( Coś w rodzaju miłości)  staged in Rzeszów in 2016 made her debut in Poland . In the previous season she directed two plays ‘Single Radicals’ at Jaracz Theatre, Olsztyn and Child  (Dziecko) at the  Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin. She is interested in a thrifty theatre with #eco, #green, #womenwillsavetheplanet  ambitions.

Katarzyna Szyngiera – director

She has graduated in Drama Directing from the AST National Academy of Arts (PWST)  in Krakow. She is the laureate of  the ‘m-teatr’ 2015 award at Koszalińskie Konfrontacje Młodych Festival  for the play ‘ Świadkowie albo nasza mała stabilizacja’ based on drama by T. Różewicz and staged at the Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin . At the same theatre she directed ‘Feinwienblein’by W. Murek. At Teatr Polski Theatre in Bydgoszcz she directed ‘Bóg w dom’ and ‘Swarka’ which were based on the reportage prepared together with Mirosław Wlekły and published in Duży Format magazine. Her performances ‘Jak to dobrze, że mamy pod dostatkiem’, ’Tajemniczy Ogród’ have been staged at Wrocław Contemporary Theatre and ‘Pożar Reichstagu’ at  Bałtycki Teatr Dramatyczny Theatre , ‘Sferia’ at Teatr Polski Theatre , Bielsko- Biała, ‘Autobus jedzie’ at Malta Festival, ‘Przypisy do Powstania’ at Warsaw Rising Museum, Warsaw. Within the  project ‘Teatroteka’  by WFDiF  she has staged a television theatre performance called ‘Zgaga’ . Currently, together with JCC Polska and Polin Museum in Warsaw she is running a project 1968 PRZEPRASZAMY (1968 APOLOGIES) dealing with the tragic events from March 1968. She also works for  Objazdowy Uniwersytet Powszechny named after Irena Krzywicka and started by Krystyna Duniec.



Łukasz Wódecki- conductor, graduated 
in the violin class from Bydgoszcz Music Academy  named after F. Nowowiejski

He has gained a scholarship from the Marshal of he Kujawsko- Pomorskie Voivodeship. He has competed in Polish  and international conducting competitions. He has performed at numerous prestigious festivals and in unusual music projects, among others, in ‘Probaltica’ Festival in Toruń. He has participated in ‘Steve Nash &Turntable Orchestra’and N.K.D.M. projects. Together with the orchestra of Rzeszów Philharmonic Hall he  has conducted the Polish first piano concert  by J. Bruzdowicz and the world first  performance of I E-symphony major op.73 ‘Evocation- Symphonie Fantastique’ by R Koczalski. He has given guest performances  with  Symphonic Orchestras of  the Philharmonic Halls in  Częstochowa and Szczecin, with London Contemporary Orchestra, Orchestre national de Montpellier and Straus Waltz Orchestra with which he toured China.  He has also conducted the first Polish- Ukrainian contemporary music band  Neo Temporis Group.


Naira Ayvazyan- soprano of Armenian origin

She has given performances at the Music Theatre in Gliwice, the Operas in Bytom and in Cracow, at Podlaska Opera and Philharmonic Hall and Teatr Mały Theatre in Łódź . She has given  opera and operetta concerts in Philharmonic Halls in Silesia, Zabrze and Rzeszów with renown conductors such as  Marcin Nałęcz Niesiołowski, Lesław Sołacki and Sławomir Chrzanowski.. She has also co-produced ‘Broadway Show’ and ‘Randez vous’ shows.


Michał Sławecki – counter-tenor

He graduated from the Department of Vocal Studies at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He made his debut as Prince Orlofsky in ‘The Revenge of the Bat’ by J. Strauss in   Szczecin Castle Opera,  and as  Nero in ‘ The coronation of Poppea’ by  C. Monteverdi in Collegium Nobilium Theatre in Warsaw.  He  has given performances at Warsaw National  Philharmonic Hall, Szczecin Philharmonic Hall, Silesian Opera in Bytom, in Teatr Polski  and Teatr Wielki  theatres in Warsaw as well as in  the National Opera in Warsaw and di Manoel Theatre in Malta. He toured Lithuania, Latvia, France, Germany, Greece, Austria and Kazakhstan.  His repertoire comprises numerous works from baroque to contemporary music, CD recordings, radio and television performances. He cooperates with Polish renown composers such as Paweł Mykietyn, Maciej Zieliński, Andrzej Zarycki.

Vitezlav Marcik - commonly known as Vita Marcik is a director, screenwriter, actor, musician, puppeteer, the main representative and founder of the family theatre called Viti Marcik’ Theatre. He is married to Eva, with whom he prepares performances and has six children.

Marek David - graduated from the Dramaturgy Department majoring in drama at Silesian University in Opava.. At present he studies  theatre audiovisual arts  at Bern College of Music. . He is the author of ‘ White Swan’ theatre staging . He has cooperated with the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre in Ostrava preparing rock opera ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. With ‘Noemiracles ’ he makes video clips.  Musical theatre , the history of the  Middle East and apple electronics are his passion.

Piotr Tetlak - interior designer, scenic artist,
sculptor, author of outdoor events, visual artist

Born in Rzeszów,  professor and trainer at Theatre Phenomenon Workshop (Pracownia Zjawisk Teatralnych), as well as the Head at the Faculty of Interior and Stage Design at University of the Arts in Poznań. He takes artistic care of  St. Martin’s Parade in Poznań. He established Asocjacja 2006 Theatre (Polish  Notion of Visual Arts Theatre) and Asocjacja 2006 Foundation. For over 20 years  he has created over 200 projects in scene designing, exhibiting , performing arts , as animator , producer and implementer. He has been given numerous awards for his activities including didactics, organization of events and for projects. In 2010 he was given the award of merit for his contribution to the Polish Culture by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.



Kupczak - composer

He studied composition at Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław and  computer composition. He also did a postgraduate course in special composition, computer composition, theatre and film music. He has taken part in international courses for young composers in Poland and abroad. His pieces ‘Anafora VI’ and ‘Anafora VII- Lament’ were graded high in competitions for young composers. ‘Anafora V’, ’Res facta’ and ‘4 dances with prelude’ represented the Polish Radio at  international competitions.

He composes solo, chamber, symphonic, electroacustic, film and theatre music. The latter for plays directed by Jakub Porcari, Krzysztof Globisz, Maria Spiss and Paweł Passini. In May 2015 there was the premiere of his ‘Voyager’ chamber opera directed by Michał Borczuch, ordered by Teatr Wielki Theatre - National Opera in Warsaw.

He composed pieces ordered for the International Festival ‘Warsaw Autumn’, Polish Society of Contemporary Music, World Music Days MTMW in Wrocław, for festivals Musica Electronica Nova and Musica Polonica Nova as well as for the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio.

His pieces have been performed at the most prominent festivals in Poland e.g. Sacrum Profanum, Poznan Music Spring, Festival of Polish Music in Krakow, Warsaw Music Meetings, as well as abroad at Contrasts in Ukraine, International Actual Music Festival The Other Space in Moscow, Ohren auf Europa – Biennale der Neuen Musik in Dusseldorf, Synthese in Bourges, Polska!Year in Great Britain, Sonorities Festival in Belfast.


Szymon Bogacz- musician, dramaturgist

He has studied at the Fryderyk Chopin  University of Music in Warsaw, played the trumpet in orchestras such as Sinfonia Varsovia, Warsaw National Philharmonic and Radio Symphony Orchestra. He has graduated in screenwriting from PWSFTViT   named after L. Schiller in Łódź,  gained a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heredity.  From 2013 to 2016 he was a dramaturgist and literary editor for C.K. Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra.

A few of the dramas he has written  have been staged, among others ‘To the Father and Son ’, ‘Allegro moderato’, ’Circle of fifths - excerpts’ ‘I’ll long for you nights and days’ . The play ‘Karski’s Untrue Story’ directed by Julia Mark (C.K. Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra) was awarded Srebrny Kluczyk (the Silver Key) as the best stage performance and the radio play based on the play’s text was awarded the TALANTONA Statue. ‘Karski’s Untrue Story’ got to the final of the 21st All-Poland Contemporary Polish Staging Contest. At the first TEATROTEKA FEST Festival in 2017 his ‘Zakład Doświadczalny Solidarność’ directed by Adam Sajnuk for Television Theatre was awarded as the best dramatic writing.

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